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Private Labeling For Clothing & T-Shirts

Why Choose Us?

We at RH labels are trying to help young and budding designers get a platform which will allow them
to have a private label of their own. We are looking for quality, and we see that in the designers.

High Quality From Start Fo Finish

Quality matters and we want to make sure that the quality that we are providing can be used to help ensure that not just the work but the finishing as well holds up to the charity.

Big Or Small, We Make Them All

We have access to the best experts who are looking into making sure that you have access to some of the best designer wear. We produce all the sizes no mater how large you need.

Fast Turn-Around Time

We can promise you quality while taking into consideration the time, which will allow you to enjoy your unique wear anytime.

A Label Makes All The Difference

We want to make sure you have access to the best, but we are looking into consideration into the things which will allow you to enjoy designer wear with the right label to your design. Contact us, and we can make your dream of a private label a reality.

Our Products

We at RH The Label are not all about clothes. We also provide custom made designer options which will help add your collection.

Hang Tags

If you are looking into making everything custom, we have access to hang tags which is the best ways to enjoy what you wear.

Wooven Labels

The woven label has a chicness to it which can add to the whole look and the design. This is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the rest.

Size Labels

The way you want to portray your labels can also work well with the whole theme and the design of the clothing; we can make it happen.

Care Labels

Taking care of the clothes after they are made is important, and we can make the care symbols accurate to the clothing materials.

Our Reviews

This is what our clients have to say about us.

They have the best designer custom trump shirt; the designer understood my preference made sure that I got a shirt which worked for my body type.
Mike I. Broussard
I highly recommend them for party wear! They have a way of bringing the whole look together, which works with your unique body.
Katharyn P. Yohe
I am quite impressed with their skills as they are very sure to talk to your preference and make a design which can complement your aesthetics.
Keith A. Rumph

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